My name is Peter Steven Arianas. I am a proud first-generation Greek American running for United States Congress 21st District of Florida. I believe in “We The People." I believe the people should run this country, not the politicians. They work for us and they have done a horrible job at it. The Framers of the Constitution intended to have business owners, farmers, etc. represent their local community not a professional political class.

I will be the mouthpiece of the 21st district and when the job is done, I will return home. As a Christian I believe that I have a special obligation, when elected, to restore the traditional values that made America great. “We The People” do not want Communism. “We The People” do not want hatred and division. “We The People” do not want America in ashes. We want our constitutional rights untouched, borders secured, hypocrisy stopped and "Justice" served.  My parents legally immigrated here from Greece because this is the greatest country in the world, it's time we all started acting like it.
It's time to put new blood in positions of authority and correct the path of America. It's time for congressmen to actually read every bill presented- people who will not be intimidated by the system. We want people who represent “We The People.” I want a country that will continue to allow my children and future generations the freedom and opportunities that I had growing up. It's time we have a government for the people, by the people, and of the people. It's time to be America again.
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