Biden's Incompetent Response to Omicron Forces Democrats to Face Reality

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  • Source: PJ Media
  • 01/13/2022
Joe Biden ran for president on the proposition that he would defeat the coronavirus and end the pandemic, unlike Trump, who Biden thinks should have gone to jail.

“He waved the white flag,” Biden told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview. “He walked away. He didn’t do a damn thing — think about it! And it’s almost criminal.”

If Trump’s response was “almost criminal,” Biden should get a life sentence. From the start of his presidency, he has overpromised and underperformed. Just before Christmas, Biden promised at-home COVID-19 tests for every American — but forgot to order the 500 million tests needed to make that a reality. (The administration now says the tests may be mailed out at the end of this week.)

Most of the country has woken up to Biden’s incompetence. The president’s approval ratings are still sinking like a stone with no change in sight.
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