DeSantis tells Levin why President Biden is so hellbent on beating up Florida

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis offered some valuable insight into why his state has been constantly demonized by the Biden administration and its media attack dogs which he believes is rooted in the nation’s 46th president’s failure do deliver on his campaign promises to defeat COVID.

DeSantis sat down for a wide-ranging interview with Mark Levin on his Fox News Show Life, Liberty & Levin where he discussed the administration’s refusal to embrace such treatment options as monoclonal antibody therapy which has been a critical element of the Sunshine State’s success in terms of keeping those infected with the virus out of hospitals and ultimately saving lives while the White House has focused on mass vaccinations.

During the interview which aired Sunday evening, DeSantis suggested that the real reason for the ongoing trashing of states like Florida and Texas is that Biden is looking for scapegoats in order to distract from his own abysmal results on containing COVID despite his insistence that he was better suited to get the pandemic under control and restore the country to normalcy than former President Donald J. Trump.
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