DeSantis tweets that he’ll veto proposed congressional map, GOP lawmakers defy him

Tallahassee— Gov. Ron DeSantis couldn’t have made his message more clear: “I will veto the congressional reapportionment plan currently being debated by the House. DOA,’’ he wrote in a Tweet delivered just minutes after legislators began final debate.

But the message didn’t matter.

The House voted 67-47 to approve the plan and shortly after, the Senate followed and voted to approve the plan 24-15, along party lines and sent the bill, SB 102, to the governor. Neither chamber had enough of a margin to override a veto.

If the governor vetoes the bill, he can call back in special session to come up with a new map. If legislators refuse to revise their approach, they can find enough support from Republicans as well as House and Senate Democrats to override a veto. There are 78 Republicans in the House, and 80 votes are needed to override a veto. There are 24 Republicans in the Senate and 26 votes are needed for an override.
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