Gov. DeSantis’ proposed budget moves Florida forward

As Congress continues to contemplate ways to waste taxpayer dollars, Florida is focused on greater prosperity for all Floridians. Gov. Ron DeSantis’ proposed Freedom First Budget would secure a brighter future in five critical ways.

First, tax relief: As Americans continue to pay more on gas, groceries, and other living expenses, the proposed budget dedicates nearly $1.2 billion to tax cuts. This includes a 25 cent per gallon gas tax holiday, fee reductions and three separate sales tax holidays. 

Second, economic freedom and prosperity: Floridians prosper when the government breaks down barriers and makes strategic investments in the future. The governor's budget increases resources for the Florida Job Growth Grant Fund, the Rural Infrastructure Fund, Florida’s tourism efforts, and others, which will lay the foundation for a stronger economy. Coupled with investments in housing, transportation, and more, it will further enhance Florida’s already stellar economic growth.

Third, fiscal responsibility: More than $15 billion in state reserve funds will continue the state’s tradition of living within its means. The budget also includes much-needed reforms to the state’s pension system that aligns investment assumptions with reality and accelerates the payoff of unfunded liabilities. These commonsense changes will increase state contributions to pay down unfunded liabilities by $176 million annually.
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