Here's why I'm thankful to be a young conservative in Florida

Florida was already the best state to live in prior to the pandemic due to our beautiful beaches, great weather and low taxes. Now – after witnessing disastrous mismanagement by other states and countries over the past two years – Floridians should stop and reflect this Thanksgiving on just how much better it is to live here rather than in Fauci-worshipping dystopias like New York and Michigan.

Despite what the media may tell you, the true facts are that as we approach Thanksgiving, you are currently residing in a state with the lowest number of COVID cases and deaths in the country.

Meanwhile, liberal havens once lauded for their strict, authoritarian and “science-based” approaches to the virus – such as New Zealand and California – are spiking to some of the worst numbers seen since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s not a horrific Cuomo-nursing home spike, but it’s still pretty bad given that the overwhelming majority of people living in these liberal havens are vaccinated.

Controversial public policies such as mandatory masking, business shutdowns, curfews and school closures have had no discernible effect on the pandemic. At this point any assertion otherwise is absurd, and this should be obvious to anyone who is willing to think for themselves.
miami | florida. by alyssa BLACK. is licensed under Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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