With embrace of gas tax hiatus, DeSantis shows he gets it in a way Biden doesn't

At his first formal news conference in March, President Joe Biden made a keen observation about politics.

"It’s a matter of timing," Biden said. "... the successful presidents better than me have been successful in large part because they know how to time what they’re doing. Order it. Decide priorities. What needs to be done.”

That's a quality Gov. Ron DeSantis possesses. It was on full display Monday when the self-described "connoisseur" of gas stations stood behind a podium labeled "Lower Gas Prices" at Buc-ee's in Daytona Beach .

As prices were hovering around $3.35 per gallon at many stations around the Daytona Beach area, DeSantis made announced his proposal to put a hiatus on collecting Florida's 26.5-cent per gallon gas tax.
Gas Station by Juan Fernandez is licensed under Unsplash unsplash.com
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