Leftist student activists protest 'Zionist' and 'transphobic' Ben Shapiro's speech at Florida State University

Left-wing student protesters rallied Monday night at Florida State University outside Daily Wire icon Ben Shapiro's conservative lecture on how "wokeness" is ruining America's institutions, from elitist Hollywood to education to government.

FSU GOP and Young America's Foundation, a national conservative student organization, hosted the Fred and Lynda Allen Lecture Series featuring Shapiro at the sold-out venue on campus in Tallahassee, Florida.

The event's organizers, FSU College Republicans and FSU's Institute of Politics, welcomed the conservative firebrand at the Donald L. Tucker Civic Center's Exhibition Hall in front of a massive 1,500-person audience, which way outnumbered the number of protestors outside the event.

Ahead of the scheduled speech, college progressives and leftist student activists mobilized to protest Shapiro's appearance at the university.
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