Ousted Border Patrol chief tells Glenn Beck how Biden's vaccine mandate threatens border security

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  • Source: The Blaze
  • 11/04/2021
At a time when border security is now "worse than ever," retired Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott warns that nearly half of the federal government's Border Patrol agents could face termination because of President Joe Biden's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Scott, a 29-year veteran of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, was pushed out of the Biden administration in June after objecting to President Joe Biden's immigration policies, which he felt were making the border less secure and jeopardizing national security. In an interview with BlazeTV host Glenn Beck on Wednesday, he said that since Biden assumed office the state of the border has dramatically deteriorated and could be made even worse if Border Patrol agents are fired for failing to comply with the vaccine mandate.

Scott told Beck he's heard from sources in the agency that as many as 10,000 agents "are on the chopping block right now" because only 52% of agents have submitted their vaccination status. The other 48% have either not been vaccinated or haven't yet told CBP if they've gotten shots. Scott said the mandate has caused a "huge problem" and that agents attempting to receive a religious exemption are having a "nightmare" securing one.
Rodney Scott by U.S. Customs and Border Protection is licensed under Flickr United States government work
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