OUTRAGEOUS: Nasty Florida Democrat Secretary of Agriculture, Nikki Fried, Announces Investigation of Melania Trump Connected Charity

America’s most beautiful First Lady, Melania Trump, is being ‘investigated’ by the corrupt Florida Democrat Secretary of  Agriculture Nikki Fried for attempting to raise money for foster children’s education. 

The nasty Secretary of Agriculture in Florida is now attacking Melania Trump.  Nikki Fried, previously started investigations into the We Build the Wall campaign, overstepping the law and using her position to attack political opponents.  This work was ushered to the DOJ in Washington and used for utterly corrupt indictments of Trump allies who were building a wall.

Corrupt Fried next went after Sydney Powell, who was helping President Trump and America, in investigating the stolen 2020 Election.
Nikki Fried by Official Picture is licensed under Wikimedia Public Domain
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